When Do I Need to Change My Vaporizer Coil?

When Do I Need to Change My Vaporizer Coil?

Published by Wickedly Hot Vapors on 16th Aug 2018

Your vaporizer coils are a vital component in creating a great vaping experience. Coils don't just fail all at once. Instead, they give you numerous warning signs that they are going bad. Once this process begins, it is only a matter of time before you need to replace them entirely. Otherwise, you're sure to get a mouthful of nasty tasting burnt vapor. For new vapers, it can be hard to tell when to change coils. This guide will give you a good idea of what to watch for and how to know when it's time to replace your coils. 

Factors that Affect Coil Life

Before we can explain the warning signs of a failing vape coil, it is important for you to know that different vaping habits can drastically change how much life you get out of your coils. Factors such as the volume of use, the temperature you vape at, and the type of e-liquid used can all affect your coils in different ways. It's important to remember that standard coil life expectancy may not apply to your vaping setup. This guide can help you discover vaping habits that could be causing irregular wear on your coils.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

In general, vaporizer coils last about one to two weeks under normal vaping conditions. However, for those who are vaping competitively or at a higher wattage, a coil replacement may be required more often to keep up with the additional demands placed on the system. For those who vape casually, or who are trying to wean off of cigarettes, a coil may be stretched a little longer as long as the flavor isn't being negatively impacted.

How Do You Know When to Change the Coil on Your Vape?

Knowing when to change your coil comes with a little bit of practice, but there are some easy ways to tell that your coil is failing. The most obvious sign is that your e-liquid begins to have a burnt flavor which will get worse the longer you vape. At first, you may not notice the smoky taste, but it will eventually become so overpowering that you can't help but notice. A great way to maintain your coil is to check it often when you refill your tank. If you notice the cotton getting dark brown or black, this is a good indicator that you need a new coil. If the coil burns out completely, you could start getting dry hits which produce little to no vapor at all and you will need to change it immediately. If there is almost no vapor present when you inhale, the heat is transferred into your vaporizer box or into the tank itself, which will feel hot to the touch. This can ultimately shorten the life of your mod and you will end up needing to replace it.

Another indicator that your coil is struggling is gurgling sounds or a leaking tank. As you vape, your coil is tasked with instantly vaporizing the liquid that comes into contact with it. As this happens, a tiny amount of residue is left behind on the coil, which eventually makes the coil unable to heat correctly. The next time you go to vape, the liquid will hit your coils, but only part of it will turn to vapor, and the rest will settle on the surface. The more times you try to force the coil to do its job, the more liquid will bubble up and sit in that space. The gurgling sound is an indicator that the coil is getting flooded, and eventually, the excess liquid will leak out the sides.

Finally, if your vaporizer has been sitting for a long time, you should change the coil. For instance, if you are a casual vaper and you only vape every few days, you should make a point of changing your coil at least once per month. Otherwise, the coil could be sitting against the wick, soaking in the liquid all that time and building up residue. When you finally pick it up to vape again, you will be greeted with a most unpleasant flavor or a gurgling tank.

What to Do When Your Coil Has Failed

The only thing you can do when your coil has failed is to replace it as soon as possible. Continuing to vape with a failing coil can be dangerous, and should not be done. The more you vape, the more you will get to know about your system and how to tell if your coil needs replacing. Once you've reached that point, make sure you stop by Wickedly Hot Vapors to pick up replacement coils for your system. We have a massive selection of coils for the most popular tanks around so you can make the most of your vaping experience!