Why do I get a burnt taste from my e cig?

Published by Wickedly Hot Vapors on 18th Jul 2018

A burnt flavor coming from your e-cigarette is never a fun experience. In fact, if you are expecting a fruity, bright flavor, the burnt taste can crush your mojo. Once that flavor has arrived, there is only one thing to do: start investigating the cause. Here are the things you should check first. 

Old Coils 

The number one reason for weird tasting vapes is bad coils. Over time, coils build up residue from the liquid they have vaporized. As this builds up, it can cause charring on the coils. The next time you go to vape, that charred vape juice residue produces a nasty, scorched taste. Replace your coils as soon as possible and try again. 

Low E-Liquid 

Of course, it's always possible that you are getting dry hits from not having enough e-liquid in your tank. Dry hits also happen if you didn't correctly prime your new coils after installing them. You may have dry cotton that has not yet absorbed liquid from the tank, which causes that acrid flavor. 

Vaping Too Fast 

Vaping fast can cause issues with your coils and wicks. Vaping too quickly doesn't allow for your wicks to have the time to absorb new liquid between hits properly, resulting in dry hits in the middle of your vape session. In addition, chain vaping degrades the quality of your coils faster than regular vaping so that you may be burning out your coils and needing replacements more often. The best thing to do is keep an eye on your puff timer and give yourself at least 20 seconds between puffs to give your wick plenty of time to replenish itself. 

Turn Down the Power 

Just like a Ferarri shouldn't be driven at 200 mph all day every day, your monster vaporizer shouldn't be turned up to 200W at all times. For practical reasons, you should turn your device down to a more comfortable temperature and wattage setting for daily vaping. Keeping your power down will eat up less juice and protect your coils in the long run. If you are still getting a burnt taste after a new coil, there could be other causes that have to do with the type of juice or wick you are using. 

If you have run out of things to check on your own, stop by Wickedly Hot Vapors today and consult with one of our vapor experts. We can help you identify the cause of your burnt tasting vape, and find a solution in no time.