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Yes, it is true, the price of shipping has increased 3 to 4 times and yes, it's also true that we can only ship to TEXAS (most places), but we are committed to doing our best to keep consumer cost down, while still paying our bills and employing our people.  We hope that by reading the information below from CASAA you will understand how detrimental this is to not only you, our loyal customers who are all over the USA, but to WHV and its employees as well.  We appreciate your continued support!


Here is a snip-it of the events pulled directly from CASAA.  Please click the link at the end of this section to go directly to their page to read the full article.


Congress passed and President Trump signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. On page 2669, the bill included language that will ultimately prohibit the US Postal Service from delivering vapor products to consumers.

The legislation does two things:

  1. [Effective 90 days after passage, Mar. 27, 2021] Amends the “Jenkins Act” to include vapor products in regulations governing shipments of cigarettes and other tobacco products. The Jenkins Act requires tobacco (and soon vapor) retailers to report interstate sales of cigarettes to the buyers’ state tobacco tax administrator. (Internet Cigarette Sales)
  2. [Effective 120 days after passage, Apr. 26, 2021] Directs the US Postal Service to promulgate regulations prohibiting shipping vapor products through the mail.

While the amendments to the Jenkins Act will come into effect without any further debate, the regulations from the USPS require notice-and-comment, as part of the rulemaking process. CASAA is following these regulations and will put out an alert when public comment is open.


While this is not an all-out ban on online sales, most small vapor businesses do not have the infrastructure or ability to comply with these rigorous requirements. Penalties for not complying with the PACT Act include up to three years in prison.

For the few who do, it would raise the cost of purchasing vapor products for people who depend on being able to have safer alternatives delivered to their door by requiring signature on delivery.

What happens to online purchases?
Banning USPS from shipping vapor products will force companies to use private carriers like FedEx* and UPS. In addition to these carriers being more expensive than USPS, they also do not deliver mail to all Americans. Private carriers routinely outsource deliveries to rural areas or neighborhoods they deem “dangerous” to USPS in order to cut costs. Removing USPS as an option means that some people will have no way of purchasing vapor products. For everyone else, it means they will pay higher prices and they’ll be forced to break social distancing rules because a signature will be required on delivery. Additionally, private carriers could eventually cave to political pressures and also ban the shipment of vapor products.

*FedEx recently announced it will be eliminating shipping of vapor products beginning in March 2021.

Can’t we just purchase in stores instead?
Not all consumers of vapor products have access to brick and mortar stores due to their health, disabilities, or even their location. And with PMTA enforcement around the corner, the selection of products deemed legal by the government will be so small that many stores won’t be able to survive.

Meanwhile, cigarettes will remain the most visible and widely accessible tobacco product in the history of the world.,deliver%20mail%20to%20all%20Americans.