Vape Leaking? Learn How to Fix It!

Published by Wickedly Hot Vapors on 29th Aug 2019

If you enjoy vaping, there is a good chance you will run into the common experience of a leaking vape at some point. Even with the high-quality products on the market, it is not unusual to experience vape leaking that can be due to anything from user error to a fully malfunctioning tank.

Learning to troubleshoot the cause of a vape leak can help you decide if you need to repair or replace a part or if you can fix the problem on your own through adjusting the way you use and store your vape.

Vape Leak Causes: User Error

If you experience a leaking vape, your first instinct may be that the vape itself is faulty. In many cases, the vape is functioning properly but the user has made an error. This problem is especially common in newer vape users that have not yet learned how to load and store a vape properly. Several types of user errors can cause your vape to start leaking even though it is in perfect working condition.

  • Poor vape juice filling. The tube of a vape that extends into the mouthpiece is called a chimney. If you accidentally get e-juice into the chimney when you are filling it, it can cause leaking during use. The telltale sign of vape juice in the chimney is gurgling before the leak occurs. If you do spill juice in the chimney, cleaning it out before use can prevent the leaking.
  • Poor vape storage. Vapes should be stored vertically when not in use. If you store yours horizontally for a period of time and still have vape juice inside the tank, it can cause a leak through the holes intended for airflow. Closing the air holes also helps with stopping leaking (especially if the tank is going to sitting for an extended period of time). Note, if you leave the "juice" in your tank for too long it will go stale. So if you aren't going to be using for a while, you should empty the tank before storing.
  • Poor cleaning and maintenance. Like any other product, vapes work best when they are cleaned regularly and maintained properly. Make sure the airflow vents are clear and disassemble as necessary to remove product buildup.

Vape Leak Causes: Repairs Needed

In the case of a leaking vape that has been assembled and used properly, there is a good chance a repair on the vape is needed. Sometimes the parts can be ordered online and fixed by the owner, though if the tank itself is damaged a replacement may be needed. Some specific vape parts are common causes of vape leaks, so check these items first for damage.

  • Atomizer coil. In many cases, a faulty atomizer coil is installed during the building process, so if you vape leaks from early use this part could be the culprit. Replacement of this part is an easy way to determine the source of leaking. If the leak does not resolve, you still have a replacement part you can use later in the event of malfunction or maintenance.
  • O-ring. Your vape typically has o-rings and seals that can, over time, malfunction by cracking or other wear. If your vape previously functioned well but has suddenly started leaking, a damaged seal may be the reason. Replacing an o-ring is a simple task and should seal your vape to protect it from additional leaks.
  • Cracked tube. Most vapes have glass reservoir tubes that can crack and cause leaks. Disassemble your vape to look for tube cracks since even a small one can lead to major leaking. Replacement glass tubes are available since cracks usually cannot be repaired.

Stop Your Vape Leak Today

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