Why is my vape leaking into my mouth?

Published by Wickedly Hot Vapors on 18th Jul 2018

There's nothing as shocking as experiencing a mouthful of e-liquid when you were expecting a fluffy vapor cloud. There are several different reasons that e-liquid could be leaking into your mouth when you vape. Some of them are easy to fix while others require a little bit more skill and knowledge regarding your equipment. Here are a few places to start investigating: 

Is Your Tank Overfilled? 

When dealing with tiny e-liquid droppers, it can be easy to overfill your tank accidentally. Naturally, you're trying to get it as full as possible to avoid refilling over and over, but you have to keep a close eye on the fill line. If you overfill the tank, you could be sucking in the excess liquid until it drops below the line. 

Are Your Seals Good? 

If you are using a device that comes with prebuilt coils or atomizers, you are probably used to simply popping in a new atomizer unit. If you have not inspected the o-rings or gaskets on these units before installing, you might have a leak. Even a tiny cut or scrape in the side of an o-ring could cause it to leak a small amount of liquid when you inhale.

How Are You Holding Your Device? 

It may be tempting to hold your vaporizer up to your face at a 90-degree angle as if you were smoking. However, this causes liquid to flow toward the mouthpiece and into your mouth. Instead, you should lower the base of your device toward the ground so that you can inhale without drastically tipping the liquid back toward you. Some tanks are better at preventing vape leaking into your mouth than others, but this good form to practice either way. 

How Fast Are You Inhaling? 

Finally, it's possible that you are drawing on your e-cig too fast when you hit the fire button. For your device to properly vaporize the liquid, you must take a slow and steady draw that gives the coil time to work. Although the coils are designed to work in a fraction of a second, if you inhale too sharply, the liquid can go straight into your mouth. To learn more about proper vaping technique and inspecting your device for leaks, check out Wickedly Hot Vapors today. Our team of vapor experts can help explain why vape juice is in your mouth and how to stop the leaking.