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Better with Botanika™

We are proud to offer Botanika products to you in the same amazing flavors you have come to love. Customers tell us that Botanika™ helps them move away from smoking and nicotine without experiencing the typical challenges. Green tea and yerba maté provide a boost of energy. Passion flower helps with mood. Burdock helps with detox and appetite control.


What customers have to say about Botanika

"I haven't had nicotine in over 14 days since trying Botanika" - J.T.

"I haven't vaped nicotine in 4 days since starting Botanika.  I even went to a party and didn't take my Botanika personal diffuser with me" - M.E.

"I found the same flavor I love so much made with Botanika from Wickedly Hot Vapors and I love it! No nicotine in over a week" - J.H.



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