When Should I Put Down My Vape Pen and Invest in a Mod?

When Should I Put Down My Vape Pen and Invest in a Mod?

Published by Wickedly Hot Vapors on 27th Dec 2018

After vaping for a while, you might be wondering if you should stick with your vape pen or ditch it for a vape mod. You should consider the variables of cost, how often you vape, and other important factors. We have the inside scoop to help you make the best choice for your future vaping needs.

Why Switch From a Vape Pen

In the vape community, upgrading to another device is par for the course. The technology is constantly improving, and advanced devices are always being introduced. Aside from high-tech features, there are other reasons why switching to a vape mod is a good idea.

  • Battery Life -Low-powered batteries come with the territory when using a vape pen. If you're fed up with replacing your pens, it's time to get a mod that has superior battery power.
  • Quality -If your e-liquid no longer has an appealing taste, you might need to clean out your vape pen or replace it with a mod. The parts in old devices wear out over time. Instead of replacing parts, it's easier to buy a new vape mod.
  • Style - Are you walking around with a banged up, old vape pen from 2006. Let it go and get a shiny, new mod. Show off your new device and help your friends upgrade as the future of vaping technology accelerates.

Vape Mods at a Glance

What's so special about vape mods? These devices are what vape pens want to be when they grow up. Mods are modified versions of pen-style vapes that function like e-cigs and use the same ingredients. Aside from that, mods give you:

  • Enhanced e-juice flavor
  • Better throat hits
  • Epic vapor clouds
  • Heavy-duty battery power

Best Advice for Choosing a Vape Mod

Right now you should be salivating over the thought of holding your brand new mod, savoring that spine-tingling throat hit while blowing massive clouds into the atmosphere. There are also tons of models and brands on the market, so where do you start? We suggest getting a vape mod starter kit because they come with everything you need as a beginner or an avid vape mod owner. It's the easiest way to take your vaping to the next level.

Step Up Your Vape Game

Upgrading to a vape mod is a personal choice. You can stick with the pen-style vape, or you can level up. Whether the reason for making a change is better battery life, quality or style, the result is to have a vaping experience that will rock your world. Contact us at Wickedly Hot Vapors to learn more about the hottest mods on the market.

Author: LezinAV