How to Safely Charge Lithium Ion Vape Batteries

How to Safely Charge Lithium Ion Vape Batteries

Published by Wickedly Hot Vapors on 6th Aug 2019

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Ustinov Mikhail

When you are a fan of vaping, you may go through batteries quickly. Finding one that lasts for a long time and saves you money is in your best interest, so lithium ion may be your best bet. However, just as with any electronic device, you want to be sure that you exercise caution to avoid any potential injury. Here are some safety tips on lithium ion battery safety.

Why Choose a Lithium Ion Battery

Choosing to use a vaping device with a lithium ion battery is a wise decision. These batteries come with many advantages, such as:

  • They are safe when carefully charged and discharged
  • They are deemed a low maintenance battery
  • They have high-energy density approximately double the capacity of nickel-cadmium batteries
  • They are very light due to their composition

Just like with any kind of battery, it is crucial that you exercise care when using and handling your lithium ion battery. From time to time, you hear about a battery bursting into flames and you also do not want to burn your fingers. Therefore, you need to engage in good safety practices. When you learn the proper way to operate and care for the device, you can prevent negative things from happening.

Also, the old adage “if you don’t use it, you lose it” applies to this type of battery. Whether or not you use them, they will begin to degrade, plus high temperatures result in a faster degradation. However, most people find that the many advantages of a lithium ion battery overcome any negatives they may have. Therefore, you should learn the proper way to safely operate and charge so that you can get the most life possible out of this item.

Battery Safety Is a Must

When you are using a vape device with a lithium ion battery, a little common sense and care goes a long way. Be careful to separate it from other electronic devices when carrying, and it is even better when not in use to remove the cell and carry it in a separate plastic carry case. Always visually examine the battery to be sure that it has not become compromised.

If the wrap on the exterior of the battery becomes scratched or damaged, you should learn the proper technique and re-wrap it as soon as possible for its safety. While many people choose solid colorful battery wraps, other people like whimsical designs to make it a bit more fun.

And, at times, you may find that you need to replace the battery. This is necessary when:

  • Your battery starts to become old
  • The battery is hot to the touch when using
  • You notice that the positive or negative terminals are damaged

Battery Charging Helps Prolong Life

First, check the manufacture date to be sure the battery is fresh. Since batteries usually come with a half-charge, the first time you charge it, it should happen faster than usual. Get in the practice of using your device until the battery drains, then raise it to a full charge before putting it back in your device. This habit helps prolong the life of your batteries. Be sure to avoid “topping off” the battery since that is not beneficial.

When using external charging devices, having a good battery charger is what makes it work for you. Carefully match the charger to the correct battery or batteries you plan to use. Decide whether you want a single charger such as the Nitecore UM10 Single Charger or whether you would be better off with the larger LUC V4 ChargerNitecore Digi D4 or even the LUC V6 Charger that has six slots.

Remember, the proper care and handling for lithium ion battery safety helps it to last for as long as possible and prevents any accidents from happening. For all of your vaping needs, check out the amazing and extensive selection at Wickedly Hot Vapors.