How Do I Get Big Clouds When Vaping

How Do I Get Big Clouds When Vaping

Published by Wickedly Hot Vapors on 11th May 2018

A big draw to the vaping world is the large, fluffy, flavorful clouds that are possible with the right vape setup. One of the most commonly asked questions at our stores is how to achieve the big clouds. With a little information, the right setup, and some practice, almost anyone can produce the big thick clouds of vapor that are so intriguing. The follow-up question after someone starts making clouds is how to make the smoke or vapor thicker. We here at Wickedly Hot Vapors are happy to help! The process can be broken down into a couple of key factors:

The Correct Tank and Mod for Clouds

If clouds are the goal, most vapers who are not satisfied with the amount of vapor they are getting have started on a pen type e-cigarette. These are great for on-the-go vaping and daily use to satisfy nicotine urges and cravings, but they don't produce the clouds that so many folks are drawn to. The right setup for clouds involves a tank or atomizer that is sub-ohm, meaning a much lower resistance than the smaller pen type tanks. The lower resistance allows for higher power to produce more heat and in turn more vapor by vaporizing the e-liquid faster.

Once you find the right tank, the next piece of the puzzle would be the mod and/or batteries. The bigger the cloud, typically the more power you will need to produce the cloud. These days there are a wide variety of mods out there capable of providing the correct amount of power to the tank or RDA, keep in mind the smaller the mod (like the pen type), the less powerful it typically is due to the size of the battery inside it.


In the tank or atomizer, the airflow is what cools the coils and stops them from burning the wick material. A sub-ohm tank or RDA will have larger airflows to allow more air over the coils which lets them heat up more and vaporize the liquid without burning the wick at a higher power level. The airflow is also the secret to thicker and denser clouds. There is a fine line between not enough airflow to produce vapor and too much airflow that thins out the vapor. The newer models of tanks and RDAs have adjustable airflow which allows the user to dial in the density and thickness of the clouds. Everyone is different and takes a different draw, so a little bit of trial and error is needed.

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