A Guide to Juul Flavors - Buying Pods Online

A Guide to Juul Flavors - Buying Pods Online

Published by Wickedly Hot Vapors on 20th Apr 2018

Wickedly Hot Vapors is a vapor shop with two locations in the DFW area of Texas as well as an online store. We make our own e-liquids in a certified ISO6 clean facility and would like to become your source for all your vaping needs. One of the newer, more popular products to make an appearance in the vaping world is the Juul device and starter kit. The Juul uses nic salt juice and a unique pod system to deliver a powerful vape in a tiny form factor. Due to the strength of the nic salt juice, the Juul is intended to be used sparingly, but with a great lineup of flavors that's hard to resist! The current lineup of top Juul vape flavors we carry at Wickedly Hot Vapors consists of Cool Mint, Crème Brulee, Fruit Medley, and Virginia Tobacco. You can find the pods on our site.

Cool Mint

Cool Mint is crisp peppermint with a soothing aftertaste like minty fresh breath. This flavor is great for people who love menthol and its cooling effects. On a hot day, we would argue that nothing sounds better than some fresh cool mint vapor!

Creme Brulee

Do you like dessert? How about the classic creme brulee with hints of vanilla, silky custard, and that delicious burnt caramelized sugar on top! Skip dinner and go straight to the good stuff with creamy crème brulee. Some folks claim it helps them avoid real desert; you be the judge.

Fruit Medley

Herbal notes combined with peaches, grapes, and berries has fruit lovers raving about fruit medley. Perfect on a warm summer day, if you love fruit, this is the Juul flavor for you!

Virginia Tobacco

Still craving the flavor of good old rich American tobacco? This is the classic taste you crave from the world of analog cigarettes. Some folks just want the old time taste of what they are used to and who can fault them for that? If you want real tobacco flavor, Virginia Tobacco is right up your alley!

Check out our website to order online, or come in and see us in Plano or Richardson and visit with our staff. We are happy to help with all things vaping, and carry a wide selection of hardware, juice, and whatever else you're looking for. We love to share our knowledge and enjoyment of vaping with new and experienced vapers alike. If you ever have any questions about the Juul, anything else we carry, or vaping in general, do not hesitate to contact us.

Feature image: bedya/Shutterstock