5 Easy-To-Learn Vape Tricks for Beginners

5 Easy-To-Learn Vape Tricks for Beginners

Published by Wickedly Hot Vapors on 6th Nov 2018

Many people vape to enjoy the array of flavors and plenty of people also want to show off their various vape tricks. Here are a few vape tricks for beginners that are easy to learn and bound to impress.

1. The Tornado

You will need a flat, sturdy surface for this trick to work. After inhaling the vapor, slowly blow it onto the surface, making it as dense as possible. Once it is all on the surface, use your hand to swirl it around. Over time, the smoke will take the shape of a twister, producing an impressive effect.

2. Waterfall

For this trick, you need to exhale your vapor into a container. A water bottle typically works best. Once all of the smoke is in the container, you can pour it out onto a table, creating the appearance of a waterfall. Take this trick to the next level by using the Rainbow Drops flavor to add flavors of orange, apple, strawberry and more to the waterfall.

3. Dragon

You should first take a deep inhalation of the vapor. When you exhale, you want the smoke to come out of the sides of your mouth and your nose, giving the appearance of a dragon. It is a simple but exciting trick, and for best results, use a dark, rich flavor.

4. Cheerios

This trick may take a little practice before you are able to master it. The intention is to make small O’s out of the vapor. Begin by taking a long drag of the vapor and let it move to the back of your throat. Make your tongue flat on the bottom of your mouth. Now purse your lips and make an “O” shape with them. You will push a small amount of smoke out using your throat, as though you have a slight cough. Once your friends see it, they will be asking you to teach them.

5. The Bull Ring

Once you learn how to make smoke rings, you can move on to a slightly more advanced trick with the bull ring. First, you need to be able to blow a small ring of smoke. You will then have to lean forward and inhale the “O” through your nose. This will give the appearance as if you have a smoky septum ring. This is just one of the many fun smoke ring tricks.

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Image: Fotogrin