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Mysterious and delicious.... So good we can't say whats in it! 


Product Reviews

Written by Patricia Mericle on 7th Dec 2020


I have used Unicorn with and without nicotine for at least 8-10 years and still love it!

Written by Bart Harmon on 20th Nov 2020


I’ve been vaping unicorn for several years now. I started vaping to get off cigarettes and the biggest problem I had in the beginning was finding a juice that I liked. Unicorn is it, and I would recommend it.

Written by Rachel on 28th Apr 2020


I’ve been using unicorn juice for like 2 years now, it’s the only juice i actually like and never get tired of. WHV have the absolute best customer service out there! Ordered it online for the first time ever and got it within one day, can’t wait to order again!

Written by Tamara on 19th Dec 2017

my favorite

I have tried several other flavors but no flavor matches the perfection of this one.

Written by dasha on 31st Aug 2016

Nix the rainbow

I know Rainbow Unicorn is a top selling flavor. It only made my teeth hurt. This may be more subtle, but the flavor is outstanding. Highly addicting! In my top 5 and I've tasted at least 40.

Written by Matthew Nelson on 3rd Aug 2014

Great peach flavor!

Lowest throat hit of the juices I've tried from here (Dalek, TARDIS, Vampire's Desire), which I see as a good thing. I'd be all over a high vg version!

Written by Damiana Rhoades on 10th Apr 2014


Passion Fruit and maybe peach and pineapple. Interesting. Hated it at first but it grew on me. Not an ADV but decent. Ego C Twist at 3.8 with CE5