The Fonz

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Like its namesake, The Fonz is a smooth tobacco. Give it a try if other tobacco flavors are harshing your mellow!

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Wickedly Hot Vapors

4 Reviews

  • Posted by Vicki Hall on 19th Oct 2021


    The Fonz

    The Fonz "juice" is my all time favorite! It is very subtle and obviously the only one I like since I have been ordering it for over 7 years! I can't get this in my area thus ordering from the Metroplex. Service is excellent. I do not like the new bottles though.

  • Posted by Vicki Hall on 6th Oct 2020


    The Fonz

    This is the perfect "juice" for me - it is mild with very little flavor, which I like. The service here is excellent. I have been a customer for over 6 years and have never had any problem.

  • Posted by Shannon Ray on 24th Aug 2020


    The Foze 120ml

    I do not like the new bottles , please go back to the older version

  • Posted by Vicki Hall on 16th Jun 2020


    Good Juice

    I started using this product about 5 years ago and have never used any other. I was trying to get off of cigarettes and couldn't find any juice that worked for me. My sister had this one and let me try it. It is smooth and did the trick. No cigarettes at all during this time!