Spearmint Ice

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A cool and refreshing blast of spearmint! It'll leave your mouth feeling minty fresh! Who needs mouthwash anyway?

Spearmint Ice

Product Reviews

Written by Cindy on 21st Apr 2020

New flavors I decided to try.

Tracy’s Wintermint tastes like wintergreen, really good. Spearmint ice tastes like spearmint, really good. I have reordered these two flavors in the bigger bottles.

Written by Pauline on 15th Mar 2016

Great Stand-Alone Mint

Quite a few of the minty liquids are only good mixed with other flavors. The spearmint actually can stand alone. It is quite "breathy" and could be too strong for some. I do occasionally like to use the spearmint by itself, especially in warm weather. Don't misunderstand--you can't go wrong mixing it with almost anything, but it is enjoyable alone.