Skwezed 100ml

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GRAPE FRUIT - The tangy, sour and subtle sweetness of a pink grapefruit invades your vape space. Take your clouds to new levels with a rich and potent flavor profile that waters the mouth with every puff you take.


GREEN APPLE- The refreshing taste of green apples as if they came from the orchard and were squeezed for every drop of deliciousness. Green Apple by Skwezed delivers a punch of flavor you won't ever run away from. Slightly sour with that perfect crisp crunch and a juicy bite. This green apple flavor is so authentic, it's even better than the real thing.


PEACH- Peach carries its own natural sweetness, so if you enjoy a rich indulgent fruit flavor in your vape you've arrived where the gods play. Skwezed E-Liquid delivers an excellent flavor experience that is worth your wicks and the firing of those coils. Fresh juice, picked right off of the tree and into this absolutely peachy vape juice. If you are a fruit flavor fanatic, you have to try this.


LYCHEE- Lychee by Skwezed E-Liquid will give you the same relaxing feeling of complete and total content with it's fresh, genuine tropical Lychee flavor. Exotic, bright and completely care free. Give yourself that vacation feeling with this amazing vape juice.

Skwezed 100ml

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