HIGH VG - Unicorn

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Enjoy more vapor with our High VG House Blend! 

Mysterious and delicious.... So good we can't say whats in it! 

HIGH VG - Unicorn

Product Reviews

Written by Tate on 8th Sep 2020

High VG Unicorn

great stuff, friendly folks, only place I buy.

Written by Sophie Speaks on 10th Aug 2020


I absolutely LOVE the Unicorn juice, and I absolutely HATE the new bottles. It's a good thing I have some old bottles from before the change, because I have to transfer it. The new bottles do not squeeze easily and very hard to use.

Written by Eric Acosta on 9th May 2020

Unicorn High VG

The only E-juice I use, nothing comes close to the flavor and cloud profile of their Unicorn premium blend, plenty of people have asked me what I’m using since it’s unique scent intrigues Everyone around.

Written by Bill Sako on 27th Apr 2020

unicorn online order

The online order process was very straightforward; the delivery was faster than I expected. The product, of course, is great - same bottle I get in the store.