Reuleaux DNA200

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Hey guys, just a heads up that this mod is absolutely for super advanced users! Using temp control requires using your computer to upload custom temperature control curves to the device. If you're not sure what the previous sentence meant, check out the Reuleaux RX 200, which is pre-programmed and super user-friendly :)

  • Made by Jaybo, maker of Tobh atty
  • Triple collaboration with Wismec, Evolv Technologies and Jaybo
  • Dimensions: 83.8mm Height x 50.2mm Length x 39.2mm Width
  • Evolv DNA200 chipset
  • Power out up to 9 volts
  • Mini-usb charging capability
  • Spring-loaded gold-plated 510
  • Zinc oxide metal housing
  • 200 watts
  • Houses three 18650 batteries in series (sold separately